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Focus after the car market, Asia's largest auto parts exhibition will be expanded
Publice date:2015/10/30   Hits:3659

Focus after the car market, Asia's largest auto parts exhibition will be expanded

Source: the 2015-10-28 06:13:12 zhonggong net - workers daily (Beijing)

Report from our correspondent (reporter Luo Xiaoxiao) of Asia's largest auto parts, maintenance detection diagnostic equipment and service products exhibition Automechanika Shanghai will be in December solstice 2 5 for the 11th exhibition. According to introducing, this exhibition is the biggest bright spot is the national conference and exhibition center as the new exhibition hall, the exhibition area of 280000 square meters, the area is expanded by nearly 30% compared to last year.

So far, more than 5300 exhibitors, receiving the 8% growth year on year. Except again RAV, ba LanShi, Bess bart, such as brand, there will be aisin seiki, denso, dupont and other industry leading brand made its debut. It also makes the exhibition will bring together after the car market of the whole industry chain four big industry groups, in addition to the previous car parts, repair and maintenance, supplies and modified plate, plate will also be new electronics and systems.

In order to make the buyers and the audience has better experience in exhibition, the exhibition also provides a number of supporting services. According to introducing, the host will conform to the qualifications of professional buyers before the exhibition to provide purchase intentions and get accurate screening supplier recommended, efficient implementation during the show business meeting; The audience through the online registration in advance, will receive free admission badge form by mail in advance for the first time, queuing time from the scene.

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